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Vote on tentative contract with General Motors too close to call as more tallies are reported
General Motors reaches tentative agreement with UAW, potentially ending six-week strike
UAW escalates strike against lone holdout GM after landing tentative pacts with Stellantis and Ford
UAW appears to be moving toward a potential deal with Ford that could end strike
UAW strikes at General Motors plant in Texas as union goes after automakers' cash cows
Autoworkers strike at Stellantis plant shutting down big profit center, 41,000 workers now picketing
Head of auto workers union says strikes will continue in drive to gain better offers from companies
Local UAW leaders work to 'calm' members' nerves as strike strategy enters new 'phase'
Auto workers escalate strike, walking out at Ford's largest factory and threatening Stellantis
GM temporarily lays off over 30 Marion plant workers due to UAW strikes' 'negative ripple effects'