Your Legacy and Public Media

supported by WFYI's Foundation

So much has changed in the 40+ years since WFYI first began. In many ways, public broadcasting has grown up. What was once a struggling - almost experimental - operation has become a permanent and positive presence in the lives of so many in Central Indiana.

We continue to seek and depend on regular membership contributions from friends, especially new generations of listeners. But in the long run our future will depend, more and more, on special gifts from long-time friends who want to help WFYI become stronger and more stable in the future.

One of the many ways that friends can choose to express their deep commitment to public media is by naming WFYI in their will or trust. This is one way to make a lasting contribution without affecting your current financial security and freedom.

If you choose to remember us in your plans, we welcome your letting us know so we may thank you appropriately. Simply by informing us of your intention to leave a legacy gift, you will become a member of the Ardath Burkhart Legacy Society. And, if you prefer, we will keep your bequest intention confidential. We also understand fully if you prefer not to share specific amounts, or if you have no way of knowing what might be left over for your charitable gifts. The fact youve chosen WFYI among your legacy priorities warrants our most sincere gratitude.

For More Information

There are many ways to plan special legacy gifts for WFYI and your other charitable interests; a bequest through your will is just one. We also accept Charitable Gift Annuities, gifts of life insurance and many other asset types. Whatever your plans may be, we encourage you to call or write for more information, without obligation. You may reach us at:

Office of Donor Engagement
WFYI Public Media
1630 N. Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: (317) 614-0439
Fax: (317) 283-2045

Or, you can email us at

To make a gift to WFYI's Endowment, please include:

WFYI Foundation, Inc.

Federal ID #: 35-1961650

To make a gift to WFYI's Operations, please include:

Metropolitan Indianapolis Public Media, Inc

Federal ID #: 35-1147600

Note: WFYI is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory service. For advice and assistance in specific cases, the services of an attorney or other professional advisor should be obtained. State laws govern wills, trusts and charitable gifts made in a contractual agreement. Advice from legal counsel should be sought when considering these types of gifts.