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WFYI Public Media's Editorial integrity Statement

Sarah Neal-Estes
News director, WFYI | @sestes

Scott Cameron
Managing editor, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @_scottcameron_

Jill Sheridan
Managing editor, WFYI city desk | @JillASheridan

Eric Weddle
Managing editor, WFYI education desk @ericweddle

Farah Yousry
Managing editor, Side Effects Public Media | @Farah_Yousrym

Kendall Antron
Managing digital editor, WFYI and Side Effects Public Media

Kirsten Adair
Education reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @kirsten_adair

Darian Benson
Health reporter, Side Effects Public Media | @HelloImDarian

Zak Cassel
Data journalist, WFYI and Side Effects Public Media | @zakcassel_

Drew Daudelin
Digital producer and editor, WFYI and Side Effects Public Media | @drewdaudelin

Rachel Fradette
Statehouse reporter, WFYI education desk | @Rachel_Fradette

Abriana Herron
Morning Edition newscaster and reporter, WFYI | @abri_onyai

Lauren Chapman
Digital editor, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @laurenechapman_

Violet Comber-Wilen
Daily news reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @ComberWilen

Sydney Dauphinais
Marion County reporter, WFYI education desk | @syddauphinais

Elizabeth Gabriel
Enterprise health reporter, Side Effects Public Media | @_elizabethgabs

Lee V. Gaines
Investigative reporter, WFYI education desk | @LeeVGaines

Alan K. Mbathi
Videographer, Indiana Public Broadcasting

Dylan Peers McCoy
Investigative reporter, WFYI education desk | @dylanpmccoy

Lizzy McGrevy
Community engagement manager, Side Effects Public Media

Abigail Ruhman
Health reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting

Brandon Smith
Statehouse Bureau Chief, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @brandonjsmith5

Robin Tate Rockel
Community engagement manager, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @rdtate29

Rebecca Thiele
Energy/environment reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @beckythiele

Benjamin Thorp
Policy reporter, WBAA | @sad_radio_lad

Henry Zimmerman
Daily news editor, Indiana Public Broadcasting |@kombuchacowboy

Zach Bundy
Digital producer and reporter, WFYI and Side Effects Public Media | @_ZachBundy

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