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WFYI Public Media's Editorial integrity Statement

Sarah Neal-Estes
News Director, WFYI | @snealest

Dave Rosenthal
Managing Editor, Side Effects Public Media | @DaveRosenthal1

Scott Cameron
Managing Editor, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @_scottcameron_

Bárbara Anguiano
Health & Science reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting

Carter Barrett
Health reporter, Side Effects Public Media | @carter_barrett

Lauren Bavis
Health reporter, Side Effects Public Media | @lauren_bavis

Taylor Bennett
Newscaster/reporter, WFYI News | @TaylorB2213

Darian Benson
Health reporter, Side Effects Public Media | @HelloImDarian

Lauren Chapman
Digital producer, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @laurenechapman_

Drew Daudelin
Producer, "All IN" | @drewdaudelin

Terri Dee
Newscaster/reporter, WFYI News

Jill Ditmire
Arts reporter and "Curious Mix" host, WFYI News | @JillDitmire

Holly Edgell
Project Manager, Side Effects Public Media | @HollyEdgell

Maggie Gelon
Associate Producer, "All IN"

Jake Harper
Health reporter, Side Effects Public Media | @jkhrpr

Justin Hicks
Workforce reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @Hicks_JustinM

Samantha Horton
Business reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @SamHorton5

Brittani Howell
Community Engagement Manager, Side Effects Public Media | @_BrittaniHowell

Doug Jaggers
Web content producer, WFYI News | @WFYIDoug

Jeanie Lindsay
Education reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @jeanjeanielindz

Paola Marizán
Bilingual reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting and Side Effects Public Media | @pmarizan

Alan K. Mbathi
Videographer, Indiana Public Broadcasting

Matt Pelsor
Host, "All IN" | @MattPelsor

Jill Sheridan
Indianapolis city reporter, WFYI News | @JillASheridan

Brandon Smith
Statehouse reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @brandonjsmith5

Robin Tate Rockel
Community Engagement Manager, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @rdtate29

Rebecca Thiele
Energy/Environment reporter, Indiana Public Broadcasting | @beckythiele

Eric Weddle
Education reporter, WFYI News | @ericweddle

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