Q: I have a question about my membership. Who can I talk to?

A: Check out our Membership FAQs, and if you can't find what you're looking for, contact us at Member Services. Thank you for your support!

Q: Is WFYI Public Media considered a 501(c)3?

A: Yes! Your donations to WFYI Public Media are tax-deductible (excluding the FMV of your thank you gift, if you selected one). This means that many companies will match your gift!

Q: Will you show a specific program or show that I have heard about?

A: WFYI tries to carry a wide variety of TV and radio programs of interest to our diverse audience.  We wish we could offer all of the shows that are available, but we are limited by our schedule and which programs are made available to us.  If you want to ask about a specific program, we can check to see if the program is scheduled for the near future.

Q: Will you repeat a program that I recently saw?

A: WFYI often repeats flagship programs such as Masterpiece, NOVA, FRONTLINE, This Old House, etc, during the overnight hours the same week they air.  Some shows are repeated on WFYI 3 at a later date.  The best way to check is to go to the online schedule on our website,

Q: How can I purchase a DVD of a program you recently aired?

A: If the program was locally-produced, you can contact Audience Services.

Q: Will you re-air a show/program that you aired some time ago?

A: TV stations usually obtain permission to broadcast shows for certain time periods.  These are called broadcast rights.  Many times, these older TV shows are no longer available for us to air.  To check on a specific program call the audience services hotline and we will check on it.

Q: How do I contact the host of a program you aired?

A: If the program was national, you will need to go directly to the program’s website and send an email to the “Contact” link there.  If the program is locally produced by WFYI we can forward your email directly to the host for a response. Visit our Contact Us page for more information.

Q: How can I listen to a podcast and/or purchase a CD or transcript of a radio show I recently heard?

A: CDs or transcripts of nationally-produced radio shows, if available, are through the national program distributors, such as NPR, PRI, and APM.  If you know the distributor or the program you’re looking for, you can contact them directly. If the program was locally-produced (Indiana Week in review, All IN, Curious Mix, Cultural Manifesto, Small Studio Sessions, etc.), you can find podcasts of the most recent programs on our website, If you need additional help, call the audience services hotline or contact us online.

Q: Why is the program I am interested in no longer shown on Create?

A: Create TV is nationally distributed to PBS affiliate stations around the country.  They often change their program line-up and schedule.  To ask them a question about a program you can contact them directly at

Q: How can I submit information about an event to the WFYI Community Events Calendar or to be read on the air?

A: Currently, WFYI only publicizes events and activities sponsored by the station, our community partners, or corporate sponsors.  If your company or organization is interested in learning about WFYI’s many sponsorship opportunities, please call 317-614-0423.