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A Rare Interview With Poet Mari Evans

At 92, Mari Evans is the last known surviving member of the 1950s and ‘60s Black Arts Movement. Recently honored with an Indiana Author’s Award for Lifetime Achievement, Evans consented to a rare interview to talk philosophy, activism, read some of her poetry, and play some Thelonious Monk.Mari Evans, Black Arts Movement, Indiana Author's Award2016-01-05T00:00:00-05:00

INDIANAPOLIS -- Her mentor was famed Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes.  She counted Maya Angelou among her best friends.  She was with Toni Morrison when she won the Pulitzer for Literature.  Her face graced a postage stamp in Uganda.  She is Mari Evans: poet, author, philosopher, activist, composer, producer, jazz pianist and recent recipient of the Indiana Author’s Award for Lifetime Achievement.  At 92 years old, Evans is the last known surviving member of the 1950s-60’s Black Arts Movement.  Recently, she sat down for a rare interview about her life, her philosophy and to show off her piano chops.



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