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Army Has Help For Unemployed Veterans

Indiana’s unemployment rate among post-9-11 veterans is 10 percent. That ranks in the bottom third of the country, and is nearly three percent higher than the national average. U.S. Army, Malcom Frost, Soldier For Life2015-09-08T00:00:00-04:00

INDIANAPOLIS -- Unemployment among post-9/11 veterans remains nearly double that of the rest of the population.  And with more soldiers returning from forward-deployment around the world, the Army is striving to help smooth their transition home.

Indiana’s unemployment rate among post-9/11 veterans is 10 percent, ranking in the bottom third of the country and nearly three percent higher than the national average.  Army Chief of Public Affairs Malcolm Frost says to help improve that number in the Hoosier State, and elsewhere, the Army created its Soldier For Life program. Frost says through partnerships with universities and private companies, the program is meant to help better prepare soldiers for civilian life.

“We do things like training with industry, advanced civil schooling in the universities, we send folks off to spend a year with companies," Frost said. "So they gain great experience, which benefits us today and then will benefit the communities later.”

And Frost says when it’s time for the soldier to leave the service, the Army sets up a 12- to 18 month transition process.

“We assist them with everything from résumé building, understanding their 9/11, their GI bill – which is their educational benefits – looking at them, making sure that they understand their medical benefits,” Frost said.

Frost says the Army also partners with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and private companies to help match returning soldiers with available jobs.



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