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Bentley Wears PANTONE's Favorite Colors

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Bentley Wears PANTONE's Favorite Colors

What is your favorite color for a car?  Red?  Blue?  White?  Silver?  Well, if you drive a Bentley, the entire PANTONE book is your oyster.  Pick almost any hue and the craftspeople at Bentley will make it appear.  And, people who buy Bentleys are quite self-assured, so they choose exactly what they love whether it is tangerine orange, plum purple, or banana yellow. 

Two recent Continental GT V8 Convertibles were painted in PANTONE 13-1520 Rose Quartz and PANTONE 15-3919 Serenity to celebrate the grand opening of the Bentley Frankfurt showroom.

Those colors may not mean much to you, but Rose Quartz (little girl pink) and Serenity (baby boy blue) are PANTONE’s Colors of the Year 2016.  If you’re not aware, PANTONE is the global categorizer of colors, classifying them by standard numbers to allow marketers and manufacturers to have consistent hues on their products.  Every logo you see in Corporate America and every color you find on a fashion runway has a PANTONE code.

And, that’s where Bentley comes in.  What better way to show exquisite colors than on the flanks of an elegant and powerful cabriolet?

“Our main target is to offer Bentley customers an unrivalled luxury experience in sales as well as service,” said Albrecht Bach, Managing Director Bentley Frankfurt.  “With the premiere of the Continental GT V8 Convertible in Pantone Colors of the Year 2016, we are once again demonstrating that Bentley Motors understands to combine unique craftsmanship and the customer requirements for highest individualization in an unrivalled way.”

To put finishing touches on these fashion statements, Bentley paired Rose Quarts with a luxury crème (“Linen”) leather interior.  The Continental in Serenity complements black (“Beluga”) hides.  Of course, if you were to buy a Bentley, you could pair those paint colors with almost any hide color or timber species that pleases you.

“We were delighted when Bentley Frankfurt approached us with the opportunity to collaborate on this truly unique, custom car design.  The modern, sophisticated style of Bentley’s cars is the perfect canvas for bringing the harmonious hues to our PANTONE Color of the Year 2016 to life,” said Kathryn Shah, VP of Global Marketing, PANTONE.

A couple of years ago, I reviewed a Bentley Continental GT convertible in Glacier Blue paint over Beluga hides.  It caused quite a stir cruising the streets of Nashville, Indiana.  Imagine what a statement it would have made in Rose Quartz!

Storm Forward!

Read Casey’s review of the Bentley Continental in the IndyStar; follow him on YouTube and Twitter:  @AutoCasey.



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