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Donnelly, Community Leaders Hope Grant Curbs Crime

Sen. Joe Donnelly visited Indianapolis' northwest side to meet with citizens and kickstart a plan to fight crime and aid development.Indianapolis, crime, Joe Donnelly, U.S. Department of Justice, Tyrone Chandler, Flanner House2015-10-26T00:00:00-04:00
Donnelly, Community Leaders Hope Grant Curbs Crime

Sen. Joe Donnelly (L) meets with Tyrone Chandler (C) and other community leaders during his visit to the northwest side of Indianapolis.

Photo By: Deron Molen

INDIANAPOLIS – Community leaders from Indianapolis’ northwest neighborhoods welcomed Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Indiana, to the communities they call home.

The senator’s Monday visit came after the region was awarded a Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program grant to develop a plan to combat crime. Donnelly wrote a letter of support for the Northwest District’s grant application to the Department of Justice.

“It’s really dangerous situation for our kids,” Donnelly said. “We don’t ever want anything to happen to them, so that’s why we’re working on – how do we take away some of these nuisances? How do we end some of these dangers?”

The $155,000 grant will primarily fund local crime research studies and a new community programs director at Flanner House, a community resource center on the northwest side. Flanner House Interim Director Tyrone Chandler said the grant is a great starting point for his community.

“Not only is there despair, but there’s going to be repair,” Chandler said. “These type of things help repair our community and help us get on track so we can have housing – so we can have economic development.”

Chandler added the grant could help jumpstart long-term redevelopment plans in the area to add new housing, retail, and grocery stores.

Exact plans for the area are still in the works. Chandler and Donnelly said any crime reduction plans would include input from local businesses, law enforcement, and community residents.



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