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Groups Discuss Future Of Michindoh Aquifer

Groups Discuss Future Of Michindoh Aquifer The Michindoh Aquifer is a prominent source of water for the corners of the three states -- Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.Michindoh Aquifer, water2018-10-18T00:00:00-04:00
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Groups Discuss Future Of Michindoh Aquifer

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Concerned Citizens of DeKalb County, or CCDC, hosted an informational meeting yesterday regarding the Michindoh Aquifer. Residents in the tri-state area are concerned about a plan to sell water from the aquifer to the Toledo suburbs.

The Michindoh Aquifer, a portmanteau of the three states it touches; Michigan, Indiana and Ohio, is a prominent source of water for the corners of the three states.

Various advocacy and environmental groups in Ohio and Indiana have hosted meetings in opposition to plans by Pioneer, Ohio, Mayor Ed Kidston to sell water from the Michindoh Aquifer from 55-acre plot of land he owns in Ohio.

Jeremy Rentz is an associate professor of environmental engineering at Trine University. He created an explanatory powerpoint intended to educate residents about their water supplies. During the presentation, Rentz said some of the data used in his presentation was hypothesis, but said his goal is to educate the public about realistic, possible outcomes.

“My biggest concern is this is going to open the floodgates,” Rentz said. “And if we let one 10 million gallon a day project enter this aquifer, the chances that another one and another one are going to follow are pretty significant.”

CCDC plans to continue working with groups in other affected areas, such as the Williams County Alliance. Representatives from the Williams County Alliance were also present at the yesterday’s meeting, and said they appreciate how invested Michigan and Indiana residents have become.  

Williams County Alliance and CCDC say their goal is to stop any projects that could have a negative impact on the Michindoh Aquifer. 



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