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Hoosiers Will Likely See Higher Gas Prices Into The New Year

Two Illinois refineries were shut down last week for repair, and that will lead to higher prices at the pump for Hoosier drivers.gas prices, gasoline2017-12-26T00:00:00-05:00
Hoosiers Will Likely See Higher Gas Prices Into The New Year

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Gas prices will likely increase in the Hoosier state as the week goes on.

The price of gas is 30 cents higher now than this time last year. Two Illinois refineries – Marathon Petroleum and Joliet Exxonmobil – were shut down last week for repair.

Dan McTeague is a senior petroleum analyst for Gas Buddy. He says that’s to blame for the price increases that could continue to rise five to seven cents this week.

“I think by the beginning of January you’ll start to sort of see prices remain pretty much where they are right now. More or less in the 2.60, 2.65 range. Not just in certain parts but pretty much as an average across the state,” McTeague says.

McTeague says gas prices decrease as you go farther north into the state. He says Hoosiers can download apps to find the cheapest gas.



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