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Indiana State Fair, Midway Operator Pull Fireball Ride After Ohio Accident

The swinging and spinning amusement park ride called the Fire Ball will not be part of the Indiana State Fair Midway following Wednesday's fatal accident at the Ohio State Fair.2017-07-27T00:00:00-04:00
Indiana State Fair, Midway Operator Pull Fireball Ride After Ohio Accident

Ride inspectors from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security expect to complete their inspection of rides at the Indiana State Fair on Aug. 3.

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The swinging and spinning amusement ride called the Fire Ball won't be on the Indiana State Fair Midway this year.

The decision was prompted by an accident Wednesday at the Ohio State Fair that killed one man and injured seven other people.

Indiana State Fair officials made the anouncement in a statement Thursday morning:

"Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the tragic accident at the Ohio State Fair. As the investigation into the cause of this accident continues, the Indiana State Fair and North American Midway Entertainment have made the deicsion to not operate the Fireball at the 2017 Indiana State Fair." 

The Fire Ball ride in Ohio was operated by Amusements of America.

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security inspects amusement rides at every festival and fair in the state, including the State Fair. Normal ride inspections there are expected be completed next Thursday, Aug. 3. Opening day for the fair is Aug 4.

“It starts with the paperwork, and if there’s any gaps there they will talk to the ride owners or operators about that, they’ll resolve those issues and then they go do the inspections on the rides," says IDHS Spokesman John Erickson. "And what they are looking at is does it operate within the manufacturers requirements.”

IDHS has a website,, where you can look up amusement park ride safety information.

And, if you feel uncomfortable about a ride…

“If you see an inattentive operator, if you see what you think might be mechanical issues, we ask people first talk to the person operating the ride, as long as you feel comfortable doing that,” says Erickson.

There is also a toll free hotline, 1-888-203-5020, available to report your observations.

Amusement ride safety tips from IDHS

  • Don’t board a ride if you see broken parts, signs of improper maintenance or an inattentive operator. Report your observations to the ride operator or call the IDHS amusement ride hotline at 1-888-203-5020.
  • Every ride should have a prominently displayed, current permit issued by IDHS. If the ride has no such permit, call the amusement ride hotline at 1-888-203-5020.
  • Read all posted rules and listen to instructions given by ride operators.
  • Watch the ride with your child before boarding. Point out the operator and the entrance and exit locations prior to riding. Make sure children understand the instructions and warnings fully.
  • Obey minimum height, age and weight restrictions. Never sneak children onto rides if they are too small or too young. A smaller/younger child may not be physically or developmentally able to stay safely seated.
  • If you can’t count on children to stay seated with hands and feet inside, don’t let them ride.
  • Keep all body parts (hands, arms, legs, long hair, etc.) inside the ride at all times. If you have long hair, keep it pulled up with a hat or hair tie.
  • Always use the safety equipment provided (seat belt, shoulder harness, lap bar, etc.).
  • Remain in the ride until it comes to a complete stop at the unloading point. If a ride stops temporarily due to mechanical failure or other reasons, stay seated and wait for an operator to give you further instructions.
  • Know your physical conditions and limitations. If you suspect that your health could be at risk for any reason, or that you could aggravate a pre-existing condition of any kind, do not ride.




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