NewsPublic Affairs / April 3, 2020

Indiana Attorney General's Office Fielding Price Gouging Complaints

Pixabay/public domain

Pixabay/public domain

The Indiana Attorney General’s office has received around 130 complaints about price gouging on consumer goods over the last several weeks.

Director of Consumer Protection Betsy DeNardi says the complaints include a variety of stores.

“We’ve had complaints about larger stores. We’ve had complaints come in about smaller stores, third party sellers on platforms like Amazon and eBay. It’s just all over the map," DeNardi says.

The complaints made amid the COVID-19 pandemic include items like toilet paper, food, cleaning products and other essential items.

DeNardi encourages anyone who has experienced price gouging to file a complaint with the office.

“We ask that consumers provide the receipts, if they have them, from the products they purchased. As well as when they’re in the store, if they’re able to, snap some photos of the product or the shelf where the product is supposed to be and the price that is listed at the store,” DeNardi says.

The Attorney General’s office has not yet issued cease and desist letters or brought action against any Indiana business on price gouging related to COVID-19.

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