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Indiana State Police Alliance Endorses Gregg For Governor

It's the first time in the organization's history, that it has endorsed a Democrat in the gubernatorial race.Election 2016, John Gregg, Indiana State Police Alliance, Indiana Fraternal Order of Police2016-09-23T00:00:00-04:00
Indiana State Police Alliance Endorses Gregg For Governor

The Indiana State Police Alliance announced Friday that it has endorsed Democrat John Gregg for governor.

Brandon Smith/IPBS

INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indiana State Police Alliance Friday endorsed John Gregg for governor. It’s the first time that the organization, which represents Indiana State Troopers, has endorsed a Democrat in the gubernatorial race.

The ISPA represents about 1,100 active Indiana State Troopers (more than 80 percent of the force). The Alliance’s political action committee met with both Gregg and Republican Eric Holcomb before opting to endorse a Democrat for the first time. Alliance executive director Wayne Flick says it’s clear Gregg “respects and honors” state police officers.

“He has pledged to us that he will work tirelessly to improve the equipment, the working conditions and, most importantly, the compensation our troopers receive,” Flick says.

Flick says state police haven’t received a pay raise since 2008. Gregg says he won’t let that continue.

“In recent years, under the Pence/Holcomb administration regime, the men and women who wear these uniforms have been shut out," Gregg says. "Their voices have been ignored and their agencies neglected.”

The Indiana Fraternal Order of Police, representing more than 14,000 law enforcement officers statewide, also endorsed Gregg. 

IFOP Vice President Toby Deaton calls John Gregg “our candidate” and says he supports law enforcement.

“Whenever he tackles things like the drug problem across the state of Indiana, whenever he vows to protect our pension – those are the types of things that truly, truly represent the needs of law enforcement that haven’t been met,” Deaton says.

Holcomb's campaign says he is committed to including a pay raise for State Troopers in his 2017 budget proposal.



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