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Indiana's White River Alliance Launches Tree Stewardship Campaign

Pixabay/public domain

Pixabay/public domain

Friday, April 27, 2018 marks the 146th celebration of Arbor Day.  It's a day most commonly celebrated by planting a tree. 

White River Alliance focuses on improving water quality in Central Indiana and program director Scott Minor says trees maintain clean water.

“Just looking purely at the storm water angle there are studies that seem to suggest we could manage between 60 and 70 percent of the storm water that falls in a residential area purely with trees and native plant use,” he says.

The White River Alliance is encouraging Hoosiers to take a Tree Stewardship action pledge. 

The Alliance will be giving away 100 free trees to the first 100 people to take a Tree Stewardship action pledge through their Clear Choices Clean Water campaign

“It’s both for urbanized areas and also for people who own large tracts of land," Minor says, "so there is a lot of information on there.”

Board member Tim Stottlemyer says the pledges could include planting a native tree on your property.  Proactively maintaining trees using best practices, like properly mulching and not "topping" trees and taking inventory of the trees on your property to help your community track its assets

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