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Inside Indiana's Academic Standards Rewrite

The state used to set new expectations for what students should know and learn at each grade level every few years with little fanfare. But in recent months, academic standards have become a topic of fierce statehouse debate in Indiana.2014-03-03T00:00:00-05:00
Inside Indiana's Academic Standards Rewrite

Manchester University professor Tim Brauch wasn’t always sold on the Common Core — at least not at first.

While working on his doctorate in industrial and applied mathematics at the University of Louisville five years ago, Brauch participated in a fellowship program teaching elementary math.

Though the program predated the Common Core, Brauch says he was expected to use many of the strategies and ideas in the nationally-crafted standards.

“My initial reaction when I saw what we were going to be doing in the classroom with these fourth, fifth and sixth graders was, ‘I don’t think this going to work,’” says Brauch. “But spending two years doing this in the classroom, I really saw that many of the ideas in Common Core were working.”

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