October 4, 2018

IU Professor Who Lived In Same Dorm As Kavanaugh Contacted FBI, Never Heard Back

Indiana University professor Bill Scheuerman says several other classmates who contacted the FBI never received responses. - Tyler Lake/WFIU-WTIU News

Indiana University professor Bill Scheuerman says several other classmates who contacted the FBI never received responses.

Tyler Lake/WFIU-WTIU News

An Indiana University professor who lived in the same dorm as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says he called the FBI with information that could help its investigation, but they never responded.

Bill Scheuerman is a political science professor at IU and was part of the same class at Yale as Kavanaugh.

"I have some memories of him," he says. "I don't think it would be fair to share those in public. It was a long time ago."

While Scheuerman describes their relationship as distant acquaintances, he says other classmates have information about Deborah Ramirez’s allegations of sexual misconduct.

The incident allegedly took place in a common area of the dorm where Scheuerman and Kavanaugh lived.

Scheuerman called the FBI Saturday to provide them with a list of people they might want to talk to during their investigation. He says he got the names from his yearbook, which includes details about where people lived on campus.

"These are people who were actually living where the incident took place," he says. "They were neighbors living where the incident took place. Also some people might have had more contact with Judge Kavanaugh. And there’s been no follow up at all."

Scheuerman says at least one of his classmates can corroborate Ramirez’s story, but also hasn’t heard back from the FBI.

"I think the most important thing is when people say a thorough investigation was done, people need to know that is not the case," he says. "That has not happened. Because, a thorough investigation would have meant covering the bases, and the bases were not covered."

He says other classmates have information that contradicts some of the testimony Kavanaugh gave to the Sentate Judiciary committee about his time at Yale. That gives him doubts about Kavanaugh's ability to serve on the Supreme Court.

"It is a problem if the judge is perjuring himself, if he’s denying things happened, and he’s doing this in front of the U.S. Senate, that happened."

Kavanaugh continues to deny all allegations of sexual misconduct.

U.S. Senator for Indiana Todd Young (R-Ind.) says the FBI's investigation into Kavanaugh doesn't back up any of the allegations against him. He plans to support the nominee.

Senator Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) said last week he had "deep reservations" about Kavanaugh and would vote against him. But, that was before the FBI investigation.

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