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JCC Indianapolis CEO To Retire After 33-Year Tenure

Ira Jaffee, who has led the JCC since 1984, announced that he will retire in June.JCC of Indianapolis, Ira Jaffee2017-01-31T00:00:00-05:00

JCC Indianapolis CEO Ira Jaffee has announced that he will retire in June after more than 33 years leading the nonprofit Jewish community center.

“I’ve been fortunate to see scores of children in our early childhood education grow up, work for us as camp counselors, lifeguards and teaching assistants, and now become leaders themselves,” said Jaffee. “That’s a blessing.”

JCC Indianapolis provides early childhood education, afterschool care, a fitness facility and arts programs to more than 5,000 member households and to 25,000 non-members through programs open to the public.

Although he is retiring from the JCC, Jaffee plans to continue working for the health and continuation of the Jewish community in central Indiana.

“One of the values that’s important to me in living my faith and one I’ve tried to embody is ‘tikkun olam.’ This Jewish value/tradition means ‘repairing the world,’" Jaffee said. "It implies that each person has a hand in working toward the betterment of his/her own existence as well as the lives of future generations.”

Board Chair Keith Pitzele said that a search committee has been formed with a successor expected to be named before Jaffee retires in mid-June.



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