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Local Illustrator Creates Women's March Pins

WFYI's Jill Ditmire speaks with local resident and commercial illustrator Penelope Dullaghan about the symbol pins she created for the Women's March and the creative process behind the designs.women's rights, Women's March, Penelope Dullaghan2018-01-19T00:00:00-05:00
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Local Illustrator Creates Women's March Pins

Local illustrator Penelope Dullaghan designed pins for the Women's March.

Jill Ditmire/WFYI

Marches will be held this weekend in Indianapolis and across the country to mark the first anniversary of the Women's March, a global protest advocating for women's rights and other issues related to human rights.

Local resident and commercial illustrator Penelope Dullaghan has designed symbol pins for both marches. She worked with Pincause to create a 2017 Women's March pin with rainbow colored American Sign Language hand signal for love on a white background. This year’s pin features bright red lips and the message, HEAR OUR VOICE. 

WFYI's Jill Ditmire spoke with Dullaghan about the pins and her creative process.



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