November 2, 2020

Marion County Voters Hurry To Cast Their Votes Before Election Day

Voters waited in line for hours Monday morning to cast their vote the day before the election. - Robert Moscato-Goodpaster/WFYI

Voters waited in line for hours Monday morning to cast their vote the day before the election.

Robert Moscato-Goodpaster/WFYI
Taylor Bennett and Robert Moscato-Goodpaster

The Marion County Clerk’s office expects a record turnout for this year's election. More than 200,000 people had already cast votes before the final day of early voting in the county.

Lines were several hours long at many polling places in Marion County. Voter Claudel Dickantone was still near the back of the line Monday after waiting for an hour and said he was frustrated by the lack of polling places.

“I think it’s going to be interesting. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that you know, the number of early voting locations in Marion County relative to the surrounding counties and that we’re here waiting three hours or whatever to vote," Dickantone said. "And I’m interested to see what will happen tomorrow.”

While some voters are nervous about the outcome of the presidential election, Anna Kendrick is not worried. She says there are benefits on both sides, but she’s voting for Biden.

“I kind of lean more towards Republican sides like views on how big the government should be, and stuff like that, Kendrick said. "But when it comes to people, I’m kind of voting more for things that matter more to me right now, and that’s a lot of like environmental issues and rights issues and that’s why I’m leaning the way I am.”

Many Democratic voters in line said they don’t think their vote will make a difference since Indiana has historically been a red state, but Dawn Robinson said this year is different.

"My vote is going to make the swing the other direction," Robinson said. "My vote -- most votes -- will be swinging the other direction."

Marion County Clerk’s Office Deputy Director Russell Hollis had several reminders for people voting Tuesday.

“They can vote at any of the 187 vote center locations that are spread out throughout the county on election day," Hollis said. "And I also want to remind them to bring their Indiana ID -- particularity their Indiana driver’s license or Indiana state ID card -- and to bring a mask.”

Hollis said early voting is tabulated on Election Day, but it may take longer to get definitive results because there are more absentee ballots than usual.

“With the large volume of absentee voting that we’ve seen we know it will take multiple days to count those absentee ballots,” Hollis said.

Early voting in Marion County concluded at noon on Monday. Polls across the state will be open from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. local time on Tuesday.

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