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New Security Measures In Place For The Speedway

Security will be tighter for the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 than any before.Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Public Safety, Indianapolis 500, Indy 5002016-05-09T00:00:00-04:00
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New Security Measures In Place For The Speedway

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Leigh DeNoon

SPEEDWAY - If you’re heading to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this month, you may want to double-check your license plate to make sure it’s up to date. Dave Shaw, senior director of facility management and planning for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, says new technology is being put to use.

“We are installing several license plate readers around the facility that as you’re driving your car around or you’re going to park in a lot – your license plate will be read," he explained. "And if yours comes up stolen or there’s some kind of 'hit' on your license plate – you’ll be pulled out of line and an investigation will happen on the spot right there,” Shaw said. 

Canine units will also be on site, “We are randomly searching cars that park in turn three, that park in turn four with bomb sniffing dogs. So there’s a lot of things that we’re doing, some of which I can’t even share,” he said. 

With record numbers of spectators expected at the world’s largest event venue, Shaw’s message to race fans is to give yourself plenty of time. “We are checking every cooler, we are checking every bag as folks come in," he emphasized. "And given the demand of the crowd this year, it’s gonna take longer to get in. And that’s why we want people to show up earlier.”

Shaw says 57 different public safety agencies are helping keep race fans safe at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this year.




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