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Share What You Know And Become A News Source

Share What You Know And Become A News Source

Be a part of a network of people who help shape WFYI News. Sign up as a Public Insight Network source, and join thousands of people from around the state and beyond who bring their expertise and experience to our stories.

We will ask you to share your observations and experience, and we will be in touch about once a month about the current stories we’re covering. Your insights help shape WFYI News coverage. Our reporters may follow up to ask for more information, and perhaps call you for an interview.

This is a great way of sharing what you know. With your knowledge and insights, you help us cover the news with more depth, and help us unearth stories that we might otherwise not hear about. You might provide new angles on stories we are covering, or provide us with entirely new ideas. So sign up for the Public Insight Network and help strengthen WFYI’s news coverage.

Check out the questions we're asking. Or tell us, what issues are on your mind. 

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How it Works

As we look into various issues, we will email you and ask you to tell us about your experiences. If we’re exploring a possible story on school testing, for instance, we will seek insight from teachers, educators and parents of school-aged children. For a story on healthcare, we will seek insight from doctors, nurses, patients and those with direct experience with medical issues. Your work, education, and life experience – even your hobbies – give you knowledge and insight. We want to hear from you.

As a Public Insight Network source, you can expect to receive an email no more than once a month. If you don’t have knowledge about a particular topic, we will ask you to forward the message on to someone who does or simply delete it. We promise that access to personal information shared with us will be restricted to a small group of journalists who work for WFYI or for national programs we air on WFYI. That means no spam, no marketing and no requests for donations as a result of signing up.

What You Can Expect

Emails: You will receive emails asking for your insight on issues we plan to cover. You respond only if you have knowledge; or you forward to someone you know with relevant experience on the topic.

An occasional follow-up call: We will give you a call or email to get more information.

Confidentiality: We will not quote you on the radio or on the Web without your permission.
An open line: You will have an open line for you to tell the WFYI newsroom what stories are important to you.

No spam: You won’t receive spam, marketing calls, or requests for money as a result of signing up for the Public Insight Network. Your information is private and not shared outside of a small circle of public radio journalists.

National impact: Through our partnership with American Public Media, you may be called on to help with national stories on programs such as Marketplace and A Prairie Home Companion.

You can opt out: You can leave the network at any time you choose.


Sign up

Sign up and become a source today. Share your insights and expertise, and help WFYI shape its coverage of the stories and issues that are shaping life in Central Indiana.

PIN is funded in part by the Knight Foundation and a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

At WFYI, our goal is to cover stories that matter to you. Our reporting is rooted in facts. It considers all perspectives and is available to everyone. We don't have paywalls, but we do need support. So if unbiased, trusted journalism is important to you, please join us. Donate now.



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