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Plainfield, Danville Schools Closed Over Threats

Two school districts southwest of Indianapolis are closed today after they received threats. Danville, Plainfield, schools2015-12-17T00:00:00-05:00

Updated: The FBI is involved in investigating the threats made against Danville and Plainfield schools that prompted them to close down. The schools received separate, but related threats.

The threats have rippled through central Indiana school districts, with Franklin schools canceling after-school activities and other districts going into lockdowns and allowing parents to use their discretion on whether to send their kids to school.

A threat was made to Franklin schools, prompting the district to cancel afterschool programs, the district announced on its website.

School districts throughout the country have been fielding threats of attacks today and earlier this week.

Local and federal authorities continue to look for one student believed to be behind a second round of threats directed toward Plainfield and Danville.

Two Danville students were arrested in the early hours of Thursday, but authorities are looking for a third student that made a separate threat. It appears when Danville announced it would be closed, threats were redirected to Plainfield, according to police.

Messages were posted on the school's social media pages, with an unidentified student claiming to have guns and explosives that would be brought to school. Threats were directed to a female student and her friends.

The threats that prompted the two arrests began Wednesday, chief William Wright said, and that's been "resolved." Officials said at a morning press conference that no one has been hurt. 

The students arrested are facing numerous charges, including intimidation. "Get ready to go to jail, we're just flat out not going to put up with it," Wright said.

Original Post:

Two school districts west of Indianapolis are closed today after they received threats. Threats against Danville schools involved Plainfield and prompted it to shut down as well.

Danville Community School Corporation canceled classes following alleged threats, including threats from two students who've been arrested. The nearby Plainfield Community School Corporation also canceled classes due to a threat "directed to the high school."

Danville Police Chief William Wright says a 14-year-old freshman and a 17-year-old senior were arrested early Thursday after the boys allegedly made threats against Danville schools in separate incidents.

Wright says a third threat posted on social media early Thursday and apparently "tied to the Plainfield School Corporation threat" had prompted Danville schools to cancel its classes.

"The safety and security of all students is our highest priority, and the entire corporation campus will be closed today," the Plainfield school district said on its website.

This message was posted on the Plainfield Police Department's Facebook page:

Shortly before midnight on December 16th, Plainfield Police received information via social media regarding threats to Plainfield High School students. Since that time, Plainfield Detectives have been working to determine the credibility of these threats and to identify who is responsible.

With student safety as the highest priority, the Plainfield School Corporation has decided to cancel school for Thursday, December 17th. The Plainfield Police Department is taking the threats seriously will continue to investigate this matter.

Danville Community School Corporation Superintendent Tracey Shafer says the individual making the threats against Danville schools may have also threatened Plainfield schools.

The Avon Community School District said it's closely monitoring the events. "Avon Schools are open today. We will operate with additional security in all of our buildings. The classrooms will operate as usual in order to ensure a continuous learning environment. However, it is always the parent’s decision whether or not to send their child to school," the district said on its Facebook page.

The schools will re-open Jan. 4 after its winter break.

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