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Senate Committee Approves Resolution On Autism

A resolution in the Senate is urging lawmakers to look into how well schools are prepared to work with students on the autism spectrum. autism, autism spectrum disorder2018-02-21T00:00:00-05:00
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Senate Committee Approves Resolution On Autism

Lauren Chapman/IPB News

Students with autism in public schools could become the focus of a state study committee.

A senate panel adopted a resolution Wednesday urging lawmakers to study how prepared schools are to work with students on the autism spectrum. RJL Solutions director of advocacy and client affairs, Jenn Kersey, testified in support of the resolution.

Her son has autism spectrum disorder, and she says schools don’t know how to train teachers from a lack of guidance on the issue.

“While my husband and I are pleased with our school corporation’s desire to learn more about how to work with children on the spectrum, it has been our constant questioning and challenging as the parents to ensure that this is a priority,” Kersey says.

Kersey says there has been progress for students with disabilities; current law says schools can include autism training on professional development days, and police officers at schools are required to have autism spectrum disorder training. But Kersey says a study committee could identify where schools need more support to better serve those students.



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