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Tax Amnesty 2015 Ready To Kickoff

Indiana officials hope public seminars on Tax Amnesty 2015 will increase participation and payment of back taxes.Indiana Department of Revenue, taxes, Tax Amnesty 2015, Matt Ehinger, Amanda Stanley2015-09-08T00:00:00-04:00

INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers owing back taxes will get a chance to pay the state without any additional hassle or fees.

Indiana Department of Revenue Director of Public Relations Amanda Stanley said the program offers delinquent taxpayers a chance at a clean slate.

“The biggest benefit of Tax Amnesty 2015 is the ability for taxpayers who do have past due taxes to pay those taxes with no penalty, interest, or collection fee and get a fresh start,” Stanley said.

Indiana’s Tax Amnesty 2015 program will run from Sept. 15 through Nov. 16.

The Indiana Department of Revenue will be hosting seminars to educate possible participants on program. One such seminar will be held Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Decatur Branch of the Indiana Public Library.

“We wanted people to go somewhere and learn everything they can about the program,” Stanley said.

The DOR hopes the seminars will help Hoosiers check their eligibility before the program begins. Delinquent taxpayers who don’t utilize the program will face more fees further down the line.

Ice Miller attorney Matt Ehinger said those additional fees add to the program’s sense of urgency.

“It is set up as ‘a carrot and a stick’ approach,” Ehinger said. “The Department of Revenue has the statutory authority going forward to double the applicable penalties if individuals don’t take advantage of the amnesty program.”

Stanley said the threat of penalties will help the state collect more of the $545 million in delinquent taxes in Indiana.

The DOR will send the first $84 million to the Indiana Regional Cities Development Fund to increase economic development. The next $6 million will go towards the Hoosier State Rail Line with any remaining collections being sent to the state general fund.

Indiana last offered tax amnesty in 2005. Taxpayers who used the program then will not be eligible this time around.



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