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"There Is A Child In Me": Fiber Artist Marco Querin

For the show, which continues through Jan. 23, Querin created elaborate, colorful installations made of wool and other fibers.Marco Querin, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art2016-01-20T00:00:00-05:00
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"There Is A Child In Me": Fiber Artist Marco Querin

Indianapolis fiber artist Marco Querin explores themes of culture, identity and communication in an exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art.

WFYI photo by Kiara Patton

INDIANAPOLIS - Admirers of textile artist Marco Querin's  work have just a few days left to see his latest exhibit, “There Is a Child In Me” at the Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art.

For the show, Querin created elaborate, colorful installations made of wool and other fibers. One, called “Digital Audience” dominates an entire wall of the gallery with its bright yellow and fiery red threads stretched between posts of wood. It’s a depiction of how communication has evolved over time.

"They are in essence very simple concepts of how superficial human connections can be, if they come about in a digital world," Querin said. "How much value should we give to those digital friends that we all have, and perhaps are not even true friends. And why do we choose to share only digitally the way we feel and post it for the world to see instead of receiving a hug?"

Querin is self-taught. He moved from Milan to Chicago with his family when he was 19, and after spending countless hours in Chicago’s museums and galleries, his artistic ideas began to blossom. But he did not begin experimenting with paint and threads until he went back home to Italy. He says his show is a collection of work meant to speak to the child within us all.

"I wanted each wall and each station to produce a very specific emotional result from the viewer," he said.

Querin said he’s always been interested in culture, society and religion. One piece, “Beauty Rest” explores the strength and beauty of the women in his life – his mother, his wife – as well as the female form in general.

Another piece in the exhibit, “Orbiting Around You,” is a visual exploration of his interest in Buddhism.

"So 'Orbiting Around You' is (about) being connected to the universe, to be in the flow of life, to be in tune and much more keen to receive and give in the present time," Querin said.

All of the pieces were created specifically for the iMOCA show, except for one. Titled “How Long Will It Take Before I Will Be Shaped Into a Man”, it features a man’s face in profile looking into the open space of the canvas. He created the self-portrait in 2008.

"I think the title reflects and connects strongly to the title of the show," Querin said. "Despite having been married for almost 10 years and having three kids, and trying to be responsible, I still believe that the process of growing up and understanding where I am in my life is happening more now than ever before."

The exhibit closes January 23. 




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