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Two Candidates Vying For GOP Nomination For Attorney General Very Familiar With The Office

Steve Carter served as Attorney General from 2001 to 2009. Abby Kuzma has served as Assistant Attorney General for the past seven years.Election 2016, Indiana Attorney General, Curtis Hill, Randy Head, Indiana Republican Party, Steve Carter, Abby Kuzma2016-06-10T00:00:00-04:00
Two Candidates Vying For GOP Nomination For Attorney General Very Familiar With The Office

Abby Kuzma, left, and Steve Carter, right, are among four candidates seeking the GOP nomination for Attorney General.

INDIANAPOLIS -- The field vying for the Republican nomination for Attorney General features two candidates with significant experience in the office, including one who’s held the position before.  

Steve Carter is no stranger to the Attorney General’s office – he served in that role for eight years before current AG Greg Zoeller.  He’s leaning on that experience as he tries to convince delegates at the state Republican convention to cast their ballots for him.  Yet, Carter also aims to paint himself as an outsider – he’s the only one, he says, of the four Republican candidates not currently serving in a government position.

“So I’m the person that brings a fresh perspective of having been in the private sector the past eight years," Carter says. "I think that is something that delegates are looking for, somebody that’s not locked in to their prior experience over the past several years.”

Abby Kuzma has spent the last several years as Assistant Attorney General.  She says under her leadership, the office would continue what she’s been doing the last several years – including operations she says didn’t exist under previous Attorneys General.

“Working on huge task forces that are making a difference – such as drug abuse and human trafficking – are not something that was present in that previous administration,” Kuzma says.

Logansport State Sen. Randy Head and Elkhart County Prosecutor Curtis Hill are the other candidates vying for the nomination.



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