A Message From the President

From candid photos to moving pictures, looking into others’ lives can transform our perspectives on one another. Television and photography help us explore countless topics, history and community challenges   and broaden our insights to include things beyond what we can see with our own eyes.

In this month’s WFYI Insider’s Magazine, you can take a behind-the-scenes look into the work of police officers, health workers, peer recovery specialists and more as they use harm reduction techniques to tackle substance abuse disorder in Indiana.

Photography has given us unique access to some of the great musicians of our time, including the striking shot of groundbreaking guitarist Jimi Hendrix on the cover of this month’s issue. ICON: Music Through the Lens features irreverent interviews with some of the most famous music photographers and musicians themselves, as the origins of some of music’s most iconic photographs are revealed. The first episode stars Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan and Madonna, so don’t miss out.

For those who want to aim their lens at the experiences of the Latino/a/x community, The Latino Experience includes dramas, documentaries and comedies from this vibrant cultural landscape,. In addition, Great Performances features Shelia E. this month, in an exploration of the connection between jazz music and Latin American culture.

Finally, we wanted to take the time to celebrate a new feature of this magazine. This month’s edition contains the debut of a series profiling the team here at WFYI.

As always, we are grateful for your support, which enables us to educate and entertain you and our whole community, as we have done for 50 years.


Greg Petrowich
WFYI President and CEO