A Message From the President

This month, we're pleased to be able to shine a spotlight on local artists, whose work we have used to bring additional life to programming such as The Black Church and Hemingway, the documentary from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick exploring the life and work of one of history's most famous writers.

Read an interview with Shaunt'e Lewis, the artist behind the local "look" for WFYI's engagement events promoting the Black Church documentary. We dive into her life and approach to the project, as well as showcasing some of her work beyond the collaboration, in an exclusive peek behind the curtain.

We preview "The Voodoo of Hell's Half-Acre": A Blues Poetry Opera, a multimedia theatrical presentation that honors the art and legacy of renowned author, essayist and poet Richard Wright.

Our writer theme continues with the Hemingway documentary, before diving into local artist Brittany Fukushima's works celebrating Hemingway's history. WFYI is also offering Fukushima's artwork as downloadable phone backgrounds and bookmarks, if you'd like to carry a little Hemingway around with you.

Our ability to bring programming like this to you and to work with local creatives is made possible by you, our members. While it is our mission to always be there for you, the fact that you are consistently here for us is what enables us to continue in our work and our mission.


Greg Petrowich
WFYI President and CEO