In each episode of Simple Civics Butler University Professor of Political Science Terri Jett tackles a specific question in just a couple minutes – breaking down the history behind an issue and how it affects us today.

Want to dive deeper into the series? These lesson plans offer standardized, grade level appropriate activities and engagement questions to help take your child or classroom's civics learning to the next level.

Can You Run for President from Prison?

How Do Primaries Work?

What Is a Caucus?

How Does the Draft Work?

Freedom of Speech During Times of War

Equal Rights for Women

History of Political Debates

History of the Electoral College

How are Supreme Court Justices Appointed

How Does Campaign Finance Work

How Does the Electoral College Work

Inconclusive Elections

Lame Ducks and the Peaceful Transfer of Power

Should Washington DC be a State

What are National Conventions

What Does Disenfranchisement Look Like

What is Gerrymandering

Why Do We Have a Census

Women for President