July 1, 2023

Sponsor Spotlight: Goelzer Investment Management

Sponsor Spotlight: Goelzer Investment Management

Tell us about your organization and the role you play there?

I’m Greg Goelzer, CEO. With over 50 years of experience and more than $2 billion in assets under advisement, Goelzer Investment Management is an investment advisory firm that leverages our proprietary investment and financial planning strategies to help successful families and institutions Dream, Invest and Live.

What role does your company play in the community?
Our core purpose is:  “To Enrich the Lives of our Clients, Colleagues, and Community.” Giving back to the community is a philosophy of Goelzer Investment Management that began with its founder, Don Goelzer. We partner with benevolent organizations that are best equipped to make a difference in the community, and which are most effective in achieving their mission.

Why does your organization support WFYI?
WFYI’s news is real, local, with in-depth reporting, answering the listeners real questions like, “ How does it affect me, my family and those around me, today and tomorrow?” As an underwriter, supporting WFYI has created community goodwill because our firm is recognized as supporting a valued community asset and resource. WFYI makes me proud to be a listener and a corporate underwriter for greater than 20 years.

Which is your favorite WFYI program, and why?
Well, I can’t recommend just one. So, Morning Edition and All Things Considered are my go-to for news updates. And, I really enjoy Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on Saturday and Sunday, it’s fun and the perfect mix of news, current events and entertainment.

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