May 1, 2023

Sponsor Spotlight: Gregory & Appel Insurance

Sponsor Spotlight: Gregory & Appel Insurance

In this Sponsor Spotlight, we spoke with Andrew Appel, president and CEO of Gregory & Appel Insurance.

Tell us about your organization and the role it plays in the community?
Parr Richey was founded in 1899 in Lebanon, Indiana and now has offices in Lebanon and Indianapolis. The firm is active in the Indianapolis community, with some attorneys serving on the boards of the Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, Indianapolis Opera, and Young Actors Theater.

Parr Richey also has a long history of championing infrastructure development in rural areas across Indiana. We value all of the connections we have made across Indiana, including the people and the poles, wires, and fiber cable.

Why does your organization support WFYI?
WFYI helps listeners and viewers understand the world in which we all live. WFYI avoids click bate and instead provides long form, quality journalism about local and national issues. Some of us love the TV documentaries about famous Hoosiers.  Some of us enjoy the various radio programs like Fresh Air and 1A. 

Others appreciate the local long-form programming such as Indiana Week in Review. And we also value the fantastic arts and cultural content.

Which is your favorite WFYI program, and why?
Indiana Week in Review. I began listening to Indiana Week in Review shortly after I moved to Indianapolis in 2005. The show provided a great format to quickly learn about state and local issues because it provides comprehensive discussion about important issues from panelists with different views. I still appreciate hearing differing perspectives about current issues each week.

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