April 1, 2023

Sponsor Spotlight: Kits & Kaboodle

Sponsor Spotlight: Kits & Kaboodle

In this Sponsor Spotlight, we spoke with Teneen Dobbs, Principal at Kits & Kaboodle.

What role does your company play in the community?

At Kits & Kaboodle, we believe in the importance of play in our everyday lives for all ages. Play helps people engage with one another and keeps the brain happy and healthy. We also believe that children are our nation's best future asset. We'd like to help our community raise future problem solvers by playing, creating and imagining with a quality toy. Lastly, we believe the selection of picking the perfect gift should be a joy and a seamless transaction. We offer complimentary gift wrapping, concierge and curbside services.

Why does your organization support WFYI?

WFYI connects our local community every day by promoting local arts and culture, and connects our youth through quality preschool programming. Families connect with children's shows on WFYI and we see this in our store every day.

WFYI is vital to our local art and culture scene here in Hoosier-land and the Midwest. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment when you see local culture proudly displayed in the news media. On top of that, WFYI also exposes culture throughout other parts of the world. This knowledge is vital to understanding how we can improve upon our own way of life and engage in our local community.

What role does public media play in your life?

While there are a plethora of news choices in 2023, I am grateful to turn on WFYI and hear clean, balanced news. The information is uncluttered, objective and connects me to national news and worldly arts.

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