May 1, 2021

Sponsor Spotlight: Mark M. Holeman

Sponsor Spotlight: Mark M. Holeman

Tell us who you are?

David Gorden, FASLA, Landscape Architect

What role does your company play in the community?

For over 55 years, Mark M. Holeman, Inc. has been creating and caring for landscapes that beautify and enhance our surroundings. While doing so, we strive to support those with kindred missions, be it in the arts, the environment, or education.

Why do you support WFYI?

We are pleased to contribute to the cultural landscape of Indianapolis by supporting WFYI. We share with its enlightened listeners and viewers, an appreciation for culture and creativity, be it in the form of a moving sonata, a lively dialogue on current events or a beautiful garden.

What role does public media play in your life?

Not a day passes without engagement of some sort with NPR or PBS. It’s my primary source for news and a much appreciated provider of programming that entertains, educates and inspires me.

What value does WFYI provide the community?

WFYI provides an intelligent and reasoned voice among the many voices trying to be heard. It keeps us informed of the events of the day – next door and around the globe. It entertains – young and old.  And, during confusing, troubled, and uncertain times, it comforts, clarifies and reminds that all is truly good.

What is your favorite way to listen to or consume WFYI?

My radio is dialed to WFYI in my car, in my kitchen or in my office while at my drawing table.

If you could recommend just one WFYI/NPR/PBS program, what would it be?

I’m always intrigued by the interesting conversations Terry Gross has with her guests on Fresh Air (airs 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. weekdays on 90.1 WFYI Public Radio). No matter the topic, my horizons are regularly broadened.

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