July 1, 2021

Sponsor Spotlight: Witham Health Services

Sponsor Spotlight: Witham Health Services

Tell us who you are?

Raymond V. Ingham, PhD President, CEO Witham Health Services

What role does your company or organization play in the community?

Witham is a nonprofit healthcare organization that is committed to improving health through excellence and personal care and has been serving the residents of Boone and surrounding counties for over 105 years as their healthcare provider. Witham offers many of the medical services people need throughout their lifetime, right here close to home.

Why do you support WFYI?

WFYI is community driven. The programming is educational and informative, as well as entertaining.

What value does WFYI provide the community?

It provides our community with insight and educational paths to ideas, thoughts and places we may never think about otherwise.

Which is your favorite WFYI program, and why?

I have two favorites. First, the Ken Burns documentaries, which go beyond telling you the history to include the actual feelings of the involved individuals. And of course, Rick Steves, who sweeps you off your feet and into a country where you see the sights, but also learn about the people and culture.

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