July 21, 2023

Staff Spotlight: Shaila Mulholland

Staff Spotlight: Shaila Mulholland

As a member of WFYI, you power the stories you love and rely on; but someone has to produce, distribute, fundraise for and promote those stories. Each month here in the Insiders' Magazine, you'll see a series introducing you to the team here at WFYI. Learn about journalists, radio producers, administrative specialists and all the dedicated individuals who — alongside your support — bring you the shows you care about.

What does your work at WFYI usually entail?

I am responsible for supporting the funding needs of WFYI through foundations and other grant-making opportunities. I work with colleagues to secure grants for WFYI’s programs and guide the grant strategy for the statewide news collaborative, Indiana Public Broadcasting News (IPB News). My time is dedicated to research, writing and building relationships with philanthropic funders locally and nationally.

What do you enjoy most about working at WFYI?

I most enjoy working in an environment that values lifelong learning for everyone in our community, and I love participating in WFYI’s BIPOC employee resource group. I’m especially grateful that I have the chance to advance programs that spark our curiosities and help create more opportunities for deeper conversations. When I’m watching shows on WFYI, it often crosses my mind that our programs offer a way to understand cultures or communities we may not have the chance to learn about without WFYI.

When you’re not at work, what can you often be found doing?

You can often find me walking in my neighborhood or with my family walking on the trails at Ft. Ben State Park. I enjoy exploring the arts –  visual, animation – with my oldest son and listening to my two youngest children learn musical instruments. I play piano and recently started to play chess.

What program on WFYI are you interested in watching/listening to next?

I am always looking forward to the next “Finding Your Roots” episode! The original historical records we have the chance to see, the secrets uncovered, and the connections between people are always fascinating to me.