July 19, 2021

WFYI Awarded CPB Funding to Continue America Amplified Public Media Initiative

$983K Grant Supports Community Engagement Journalism in Underserved Areas

WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 19, 2021) – Indianapolis-based WFYI will lead America Amplified 2.0, a public media initiative designed to instill journalism practices that meaningfully address local information needs through active listening and engagement. WFYI will establish a central team to lead and develop community engagement journalism practices at 20 public media stations, especially in parts of the country traditionally underserved by media, including rural areas. The initiative is funded through a $983,451 grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

The initiative builds on the success of America Amplified, a CPB-supported partnership of public media collaborations focused on community listening and engagement. Initially launched in 2019 to strengthen public media’s ability to incorporate community and citizen perspectives into election coverage, the collaboration also helped shape public media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic to include perspectives from communities across the country, including weekly call-in radio shows co-hosted by public radio stations in different parts of the country.        

“At WFYI, we believe engagement is the key to expanding audiences and deepening impact through all our public media platforms,” said WFYI President and CEO Greg Petrowich. “We’re pleased to have this opportunity to work with our colleagues at other stations to strengthen the role public media plays in their communities and learn from our shared experiences.”

“America Amplified demonstrated that community engagement is vital to public media journalism and a key to the trust that people place in their local public media stations,” said Kathy Merritt, CPB senior vice president, journalism, radio and community service grant services. “CPB is proud to support this initiative, which will extend engaged journalism across the system, enable stations to be more responsive to their audiences, and foster public trust.”

Under the 18-month grant, the four-person team hosted by WFYI will work with participating public media stations to develop and implement community engagement journalism strategies. Stations will be grouped in peer learning groups by shared interests and receive subgrants to fund their engagement initiatives. WFYI will seek to increase impact through partnerships, which in the past have included organizations such as Local Voices Network and Hidden Common Ground.

For more information about America Amplified and the station application, go to americaamplified.org.


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