Diversity Equity and Inclusion at WFYI

WFYI’s Commitment To Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Public media is for everyone. WFYI is committed to representing the rich diversity of our community and amplifying stories that represent the experiences of all.

Over the last year, we have taken a hard look at our strategic direction and have created a framework to support our long-term commitment to racial equity. Both our board of directors and our staff are working to mobilize our public media resources to serve our communities with an emphasis on equity and humanity in all our activities.

From its founding, public media has aimed to achieve a  core community role: to be a public service that serves all through trusted journalism, inspiring stories and lifelong learning. Our goal is to provide a culture of belonging — on the air, online, in the halls of our facilities and in our interactions with the community — that includes diversity of age, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, language, physical ability,  race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic background. Ultimately, our vision is an informed, inspired and inclusive Indiana.


From Intention to Action

With that vision in mind, WFYI has adopted five pillars of work that center diversity, equity and inclusion in our everyday actions. These pillars are:

  • WFYI is committed to utilizing our public media resources to serve our communities with an emphasis on equity and humanity in all our activities.
  • WFYI is committed to impactful journalism and inspiring stories that are fact-based, independent, timely and responsive to the needs of our communities.
  • WFYI is committed to listening to and engaging with our communities to clarify our focus and to enhance understanding among all, thereby deepening the impact of our programming.
  • WFYI is committed to universal access, sharing the stories of Central Indiana and delivering our mission on platforms where audiences are now and in the future.
  • WFYI is committed to the ethical, efficient and effective use of our resources to deliver on our mission of service and ensure our sustainability.

Through these pillars, we can accomplish much. We will insist that our organization, our staff and our work reflect the diversity of the communities we strive to serve. We will include new voices in our storytelling to achieve that goal. We will partner with organizations who share our values to amplify their impact and strengthen our communities. As we realize on our commitment to universal access, we will focus on platforms reaching underserved audiences.

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Our Internal Work

In 2020, WFYI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff Working Group initiated new internal planning to support increased focus and action around creating a culture of belonging. With 16 members who meet biweekly in open meetings, this working group represents 18% of the organization’s staff, with all teams represented.

The group’s charge, to promote and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion to be a priority of the organization, is being supported through these 2021 calendar year goals:


  • Provide quarterly training of self-paced sessions with 80% goal of engagement of all staff and 100% of Director and above level
  • Provide quarterly facilitated training with 100% goal of engagement  
  • Create central location for resources for staff and host discussions around topics  
  • Review hiring practices with management

Questions about WFYI’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Staff Working Group can be shared with Scott McAlister or Christos Reid, who facilitates the group.