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50 Years of Fear

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is opening its 50th haunted house this week. It’s the longest running annual haunted house in the country. 2013-10-07T00:00:00-04:00
50 Years of Fear

The longest running haunted house in the county continues another year of terror, this week at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

This is its 50th year and, as head witch Vicki Burdick explains, the goal is to capture the history.

"The premise of this year's Haunted House is that we are celebrating our 50th anniversary and to commemorate that, we are going back in time through a time warp and we are going to explore 50 years of movies, music, television, and pop culture," said Burdick.  "It's all in 3-D this year, so it's going to be an amazing experience."

The house opens Thursday and has three different levels to cater of fright to people of all ages.

"We change the theme every year which is I think what keeps people interested," said Burdick.  "We have some very creative members and that keeps people interested and we stay on trend.  We really focus on what is trending at the time."

Also open at the Museum is an exhibit called Hollywood Haunts, which pays homage to scary movies. Director of Collections Chris Carron says the films can be used as an important education tool.

"I think people can really learn from this.  Children can draw their own characters based on some of the features that really make movies scary and come up with their own stories," he said.

Take an audio tour of the Haunted House

Take an audio tour of Hollywood Haunts




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