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Controversial Broad Ripple Project Approved

A 5,200-square-foot office building is going up on North College Avenue. Two bungalows are coming down to make room for the development. The Metropolitan Development Commission originally voted against the project, but members brought it back because of a technical issue. 2014-03-19T00:00:00-04:00
Controversial Broad Ripple Project Approved

A controversial project in Broad Ripple is moving forward.

The Metropolitan Development Commission voted 5-2 in favor of building a two-story office complex at the corner of College Avenue and Kessler Boulevard.

The commission originally voted 5-3 against the project, but it turned out one of the "no" votes was counted as a "yes."

Members decided to bring the issue back and revote. 

During that time, commission personnel changes were made and the vote Wednesday went in favor of the 5,200-square-foot facility.

Broad Ripple Village Association Director Tom Healy is glad it passed, because he says it can drive new life into the community.

"It will just be daytime office use.  That is particularly within the Envision Broad Ripple Plan is that we want to encourage more daytime activity," he said.  "Broad Ripple is known for its nighttime activity and one of the things we discovered in Envision Broad Ripple is that we really need to encourage daytime, commercial activity to spread out the activity throughout the daytime."

The building is going up where two residential properties now sit.  They are next to Clare Fox Acheson’s property.

She contends proposed project does not fall in line with the Envision Broad Ripple plan.

"It's our unique identity.  Just like Fountain Square, like Mass Ave, Broad Ripple is known for these little bungalows," she said.  "It is what these two homes represent.  If they are destroyed and a commercial building goes up, I know how easily the next and the next and the next will occur.  And, I fear for what College Avenue will eventually look like."

Fox says she is considering appealing the decision.



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