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Eugene Glick, 92, Passes Away

Indianapolis real estate businessman and philanthropist Eugene Glick, 92, passed away.2013-10-02T00:00:00-04:00
Eugene Glick, 92, Passes Away

Indianapolis real estate businessman and philanthropist Eugene Glick passed away.

"A devoted patriot, successful businessman, and generous philanthropist, Gene B. Glick will be remembered always in Indiana for his heart of gold and commitment to leaving this world better than he found it,” said Gov. Mike Pence. “On behalf of the State of Indiana, the First Lady and I mourn the passing of this extraordinary Hoosier and lift up his family and friends in prayer during this difficult time.”

Gene B. Glick Company has more than 18,000 apartments in 10 states.

The money the entrepreneur accrued through his business ventures went back to the community.

Glick and his wife Marilyn gave millions to arts, education and youth programs throughout the state.

"I think people look at the buildings and they think of how much money he must have or how much he's helped the community in terms of the architecture in the city," said Children's Bureau CEO Janice Klein.  "But, my personal opinion is that he was a person who really wanted people to learn how to help themselves.  He was a very humble man.  He was, I think, very wise.  He was a very hands-on person. He was always gracious, always kind.  I will really miss him."

Klein and Glick worked together on Pro-100, which provides paid summer jobs for underprivileged children.

"He wanted these kids to start out really early, getting up in the morning, being at work, working during the day, having leadership and academic components to the program," said Klein.  "He was a real visionary in that sense."

Glick also helped fund the Children's Bureau shelter, the only one in Indianapolis specifically for children.

"He was extremely humble in how he approached the work that he did with philanthropy and with helping people in the community," said Children's Bureau, Inc. President and CEO Tina Coler.  "He touched so many individuals in such a kind, unassuming way."

Glick graduated from Indiana University and served in World War II.

He was 92-years old.




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