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Event To Feature Culinary Creations And Art Inspired By Cultural Trail Landmarks

Fifteen teams will share their creations on June 26 at the Madame Walker Theater during this year’s “Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine” event.Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine, DIG IN2016-06-13T00:00:00-04:00
Event To Feature Culinary Creations And Art Inspired By Cultural Trail Landmarks

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INDIANAPOLIS -- Foodies can get a lesson in Indiana art and history at this year’s  “Indulge, Imbibe, Imagine” event.

The folks at DIG IN are behind the culinary collaboration that puts a chef, a bartender and an artist together and asks them to create a dish, a cocktail, and a piece of artwork inspired by a landmark on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.

DIG IN’s  Executive Director, Chef Thom England says 15 teams will share their creations on June 26 at the Madame Walker Theater.

“Art is the biggest part of this. I think that is the most exciting thing to see, how an artist looks at a landmark and says oh my gosh this makes me think of this or that," England says. "And the chefs and the bartenders are really inspired by the artist and seeing what they do”

Visual Artist Corrie Jagger’s team is focused on the Fountain in Fountain Square.

“The history of the neighborhood and the landmark even. I’ve been thinking visually of the ingredients they are going to use for their drinks and their food they are going to use,” Jagger says.

Michael Grey is with Starlight Distillery.  His team will use American style gin, Maple Leaf Farm duck and the Coca Cola building to wow guests.

"The garnish, the way it’s presented, the way we can put a cocktail in a glass, and then put a garnish to it," Grey says about the process. "Or the way we can design the duck on a plate and obviously the artist has the most ability to create something unique to this on canvas or sculpture or however he decides to do it.”

Tickets are available on line at

The landmarks and their teams will be:

Madame Walker Theatre

Corey Ewing
Ricky Hatfield, Peterson’s
Sofiya Inger

Central Library

William Mohring
Cindy Hawkins, Circle City Sweets
Johnny McKee

Fountain Square Theatre

Jane Kim
Omar Guzman, Cobblestone Grill
Melecio Gonzales

Coca-Cola Building

Michael Grey
Beth Murphy, Maple Leaf Farms
Josiah Cazares

Scottish Rite Cathedral

Kit Clouser
Ian Phillips, 3 Carrots
Lorie Lee Andrews


Maya Namyslowski
Nick Traeger and Shane DeWeese, Patachou
Quincy Owens

American Legion

Jason Foust
Dean Sample, Meridian Restaurant and Bar
Lauren Ditchley

The Fountain at Fountain Square

Staci Wells
Joseph Tabor, Taxman Brewing Company
Corrie Jagger

Military Park

Pedro Ramos
Erin Till, Clustertruck
Myra Perrin

Indiana War Memorial

Doug Spradley
Jonathon Brooks, Milktooth
Emma Overman

Kurt Vonnegut Library

Mike Madison
Pete Schmutte, Cerulean
Taylor Jordan

Cenotaph Square

Steve Simon
Cunningham Group Chef

Victory Field

Lindsey Brink
Abbi Merriss, Bluebeard

City Market

Brooke Dongan
Craig Baker, The Local/Plow and Anchor/Bent Rail Brewery

The Canal Walk

Jessica Taylor
Sam Brown, American Culinary Federation
Holly Jones



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