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Governor-Elect Holcomb Picks Chief Of Staff

Holcomb chose Earl Goode, who also worked as chief of staff to former Governor Mitch Daniels.Eric Holcomb, Earl Goode, governor, chief of staff2016-11-21T00:00:00-05:00
Governor-Elect Holcomb Picks Chief Of Staff

Eric Holcomb (left) previously worked with Earl Goode (right) during the Mitch Daniels administration.

Drew Daudelin

Governor-elect Eric Holcomb has chosen Earl Goode as his administration’s chief of staff. This won’t be the first time the two work together, and it’s not the first time Goode has served in the role.

Holcomb says filling the chief of staff position is the most important decision he’ll make as governor-elect. And he says Earl Goode’s perspective on past accomplishments will help the team to move forward.

“He brings with him unequaled qualifications, both in the private sector and in the public arena, having already served as a chief of staff to former Governor Mitch Daniels," Holcomb says. "His experience, his intellect, his insights will prove invaluable.”

Holcomb worked under Goode as Deputy Chief of Staff in the Daniels administration.

Much of Goode’s time in the private sector was spent at GTE (now Verizon), where he retired as President of Information Services.

The new governor will be sworn in this January.



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