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Holiday Lighting Can Cost Big Bucks

An online calculator can help add up savings. 2013-12-04T00:00:00-05:00
Holiday Lighting Can Cost Big Bucks

If you’re still using old lights for holiday lighting, switching to energy efficient strands could save you a lot of money.  Six sets of LED bulbs will only increase a monthly power bill by up to $7, where as the same amount of incandescent bulbs can add up to $80 to a bill. 

Duke Energy is offering customers an online holiday lighting calculator that estimates the amount of spending. 

Lew Middleton with Duke Energy says the calculator will clearly show the cost savings.

"The two-inch long, incandescent, old bulbs are the most expensive, while those mini LED lights, which can be just as bright and just as pretty, are by far the least expensive to operate," says Middleton.

The utility is also reminding residents of important tips to help save money while decorating.  These include checking sets for damages, plugging into GFI outlets and dusting bulbs as dirt absorbs light and wastes energy.




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