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IMPD Arrests 40 In Drug Sting

Forty people are behind bars after the completion of a drug investigation that started in 2012. It was called Operation Family Ties. 2014-01-13T00:00:00-05:00
IMPD Arrests 40 In Drug Sting

Indianapolis Police have arrested 40 people in connection with a drug operation.

The investigation started in 2012 and focused on the northern part of the city.

It resulted in the seizure of nine guns, vehicles, and more than six kilograms of cocaine.

Capt. Dave Allender says that puts a dent in the city’s overall drug trade.

"We hope it puts a significant amount," he said.  "A $20 rock is .07 grams usually.  We got almost seven kilos, so you do the math."

The investigation was called Operation Family Ties.  Search warrants were served at five locations and also helped turn up nearly $200,000 in cash.

Police Chief Rick Hite says drug trade in Indianapolis often results in violent crime.

"Thirty five murders can be directly linked to the drug trade," he said.  "We believe that number could be even higher based on what our investigations have shown."

Authorities said they believe they arrested the leader of the drug operation.  Multiple agencies helped with the case and Allender says they were able to take down “serious players.”

"They dealt various quantities of cocaine in both powder and crack cocaine form," he said.  "We, through a series of buys and informants and so forth, were able to determine who was supplying most of the cocaine and who was the nexus around which everything revolved."




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