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In Wake Of Flooding, DPW Points To Need For Infrastructure Upgrades

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works says aging infrastructure makes flooding a challenge during heavy rains. Communications Director Lesley Gordon says floods have rerouted traffic and crews are out trying to clean up any issues. 2014-04-03T00:00:00-04:00
In Wake Of Flooding, DPW Points To Need For Infrastructure Upgrades

Heavy rains have caused flooding around Indianapolis.

The Department of Public Works says it is taking an all hands on deck approach to resolve issues.

Crews responded to 65th Street and Allisonville Road, around 8500 Ditch Road, and near 7500 S. Emerson Ave., among other places.

"We have dispatchers out putting out high water signs in areas and neighborhoods that have these drainage issues and we see them continually popping up," said Lesley Gordon with DPW.

She calls the flooding "minor" and "manageable," but says it reiterates the need for the city to invest in infrastructure projects, through the proposed RebuildIndy 2 initiative.

"We are not seeing any river flooding at this point, so this will be a manageable event, but that on-street flooding will continue to happen as long as our infrastructure doesn't get the maintenance it needs," said Gordon.

The $350 million effort would pay for street, sidewalk, and bridge projects.  Gordon says about $65 million would be for resurfacing and storm water infrastructure.

"Our roadways are considered part of our stormwater system and we are able to implement practices and infrastructure that will help that storm water drain properly," said Gordon.  "Right now, there are a lot of areas that have poor infrastructure that we are trying to get fixed."

RebuildIndy 2 would be paid for through state and federal funds and the city would take out about a $150 million loan for the rest.

Opponents are concerned about the size of the loan.

Public meetings on the initiative are scheduled through June.  The next is April 17.




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