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Indiana Ups Recycling Goal

A new law sets a recycling goal and requires data collection to find out how well Indiana is doing in its effort.2014-03-10T00:00:00-04:00
Indiana Ups Recycling Goal

New recycling guidelines aim to make the Hoosier state greener.  Legislators have passed the first law to help grow Indiana recycling efforts in 24 years. 

The new measure includes a 50 percent recycling goal, and new data reporting requirements.  Carey Hamilton, executive director of the Indiana Recycling Coalitions says without the reporting requirements it's been hard to determine how well the state is doing in its effort. 

"Industry folks estimate it's maybe 20-30 percent," says Hamilton, "but we can't go on an estimate."

The legislation had considerable support this year.  Partly because of a study commissioned to find out what Indiana could gain by upping recycling efforts.

"That study determined that if we increased recycling  to capture 25 percent of what we dispose of today," explains Hamilton, "we would create 10,000 new jobs in Indiana."

Although the state is behind others when it comes to recycling, one positive can come from that.  Many best practices are already identified to help reach the goal.  Supporters hope that this proposal will grow in 2015.




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