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Indianapolis Gathers To Honor Officer Rod Bradway

"You never get used to this," said Public Safety Director Troy Riggs. "It's difficult. It's been difficult."2013-09-25T00:00:00-04:00
Indianapolis Gathers To Honor Officer Rod Bradway

A long line of police officers, firefighters, family, friends and well-wishers gathered at the Crown Hill Funeral Home, Wednesday.

They came to say goodbye to Officer Rod Bradway who was shot and killed while saving a woman and her baby who were held hostage in their apartment.

"You never get used to this," said Public Safety Director Troy Riggs.  "It's difficult.  It's been difficult.  It's even more difficult when you meet with the families.  What helps us, though, is the support of all of us rallying together."

IMPD Chief Rick Hite says Bradway’s heroism has inspired the entire community to fight harder against crime.

"I am more fired up now than I ever have been in my 35 years of policing," said Hite.  "We are not going to let anybody take over this city, render our citizens helpless, render our police hapless, and having a situation where we collectively have to call (criminals) out for who they are ‒ they're cowards, they are unfair treaters, they are a menace to our community and they have to go."

During a ceremony before Wednesday's viewing, Bradway was recognized with the Medal of Honor and Purple Heart.

"The least we could do is offer him the highest award given to law enforcement," said Hite.

Bradway's funeral begins Thursday at 11 a.m. at Bankers Life Fieldhouse with burial afterwards in the Crown Hill Cemetery Heroes of Public Safety section.




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