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Lightning Detectors Installed In Noblesville

The Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department has installed nine lightning detectors at golf courses, sports fields, pools and parks.Noblesville, lightning, severe weather2018-04-25T00:00:00-04:00
Lightning Detectors Installed In Noblesville

The city of Noblesville is taking a precautionary measure to keep visitors safe from lightning strikes.
The parks and recreation department has installed nine lightning detectors at golf courses, sports fields, pools and parks.

The system will sound an warning when there is a lightning strike within an 8-mile radius of that park or that horn. Parks Assistant Director Mike Hoffmeister says staff will then end outdoor park programs and evacuate the area.

“We are often times looking at the radar trying to make a decision. 'When do we make a decision?' 'Is the storm even going to hit us?,'" Hoffmeister says. "At this point all these discussions are gone and the lightning detection system handles all of it.”

“According to the National Weather Service, an average of 49 Americans are killed by lightning strikes each year and hundreds more are seriously injured,” says AnythingWeather CEO Nick Jones. “The iStrike Lightning Alert System saves lives by helping people get out of harm’s way. We are proud to team up with the city of Noblesville to keep residents safe and applaud their commitment to safety.”

Park visitors are asked to be aware of the lightning detection system and take precautions if a horn sounds or strobe lighting is activated while in the area. City golf carts will include signage to explain the activation signals and safety measures that are in place for those out on the courses.



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