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Mary Cheney Speaks Out Against HJR-6

Mary Cheney - daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney - is speaking out against HJR-6, the proposed constitutional ban on same sex marriage in Indiana. She came to Indianapolis, Wednesday, to support Freedom Indiana - the state group fighting against the amendment.2013-12-12T00:00:00-05:00
Mary Cheney Speaks Out Against HJR-6

Freedom Indiana is garnering national attention for its push back against a proposed constitutional ban of same sex marriage.

The state legislature will consider HJR-6 when the session kicks off next month.

Wednesday night, Mary Cheney - daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney  - came to the Circle City to back Freedom Indiana's efforts.

Cheney is a lesbian and Campaign Chair Megan Robertson says that type of support is important for the cause.

"This is a personal issue for a lot of people.  She is one of them," said Robertson.  "She is married.  She has a family and when she has talked about this, it has all been very personal.  She's knows it could impact her life if she lived in Indiana and she thinks that all the other families that live in Indiana that look just like hers that HJR-6 and the constitutional amendment would (be impactful)."

Cheney spoke during a private event downtown.

Robertson says her presence helps bring national attention to the state issue.

"I think it's about inspiring and making the people here in Indiana understand that there are people that care about what is happening here," she said. "Mary Cheney is one of those people and she has decided to come here to help out our cause.  So, I think it is very exciting for our supporters."

If HJR-6 passes, Hoosier voters will decide in November whether or not to place a same sex marriage ban in the state constitution.




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