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New Health Degree Focuses On Hands Off Jobs

Marian University is responding to a need in the growing healthcare sector by adding a Health and Human Services degree. public health, Marian University2016-01-14T00:00:00-05:00
New Health Degree Focuses On Hands Off Jobs

INDIANAPOLIS - Marian University is responding to a growing healthcare industry with a new degree program that is geared towards people who want to work in the field but do not want to work bedside.

Jobs for health care educators and community health workers are projected to grow over 20 percent in the next six years.

Marian University Director of Enrollment for Adult Programs Kyle Hattenburg says the school talked with people in the field to determine how to shape the new degree.

"Really listening to the community and finding the need and hopefully filling that need," Hattenburg said.

The new degree is a Bachelor’s in Health and Human Services and is geared toward adults who are interested in supporting the healthcare industry -- maybe by coordinating care or providing information.  

"It can be complicated, so having trained people to help us really figure out the waters of healthcare and be able to use the healthcare we have,"  Hattenburg said. 

Graduates could find work as community health educators and managers, disability specialists or nonprofit program directors.

The CDC says that healthcare is the fastest growing sector in the United States. The growth is attributed to an aging population who is living longer, advances in medicine and changes in the healthcare system. 





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