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New Plans For Central State Hospital Site

The Metropolitan Development Commission voted 7-1 in favor of rezoning for a $4.7 million project. Plans are to build student housing, a brewery, an event center, and urban farming at the site of the former Central State Hospital. 2013-11-20T00:00:00-05:00
New Plans For Central State Hospital Site

Plans for a new development on the site of the old Central State Hospital are moving forward.

The Metropolitan Development Commission voted 7-1 in favor a rezoning request.

The 115-acre, $4.7 million project will include student housing, an event center, and a micro-brewery.

"The site as a whole, when looking at it collectively, has the opportunity to create a cultural village," said developer Christopher Piazza of Reverie.  "That can be an inspiration to transformation in the area.  So, we are hoping to do just that."

Mike Higbee of Central Greens, LLC agrees.  He says he thinks the project is the start to rebuilding that part of the community.

"We are very optimistic now that the context has been set for commercial uses to look at this area where a year ago, two years ago they would not consider this area just because they didn't see the activity," he said.  "They didn't see the opportunity.  That opportunity now exists and we are quite excited about it."

The rezoning now goes to the City County Council for approval.

Piazza says if all goes according to plan, he hopes to have the project open by next summer.



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